Suedwind Footwear LeGACY VENADO | LACE TALL Riding Boots

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Brun Suedwind Footwear LeGACY VENADO | LACE TALL Riding Boots
Svart Suedwind Footwear LeGACY VENADO | LACE TALL Riding Boots
Størrelse A B
37S 42 cm 32-34 cm
37S/W 42 cm 36-38 cm
37R 44 cm 32-34 cm
37R/W 44 cm 36-38 cm
37H 47 cm 30-32 cm
38S/W 43 cm 37-39 cm
38R 45 cm 33-35 cm
38R/W 45 cm 37-39 cm
38H/S 48 cm 31-33 cm
38H 48 cm 33-35 cm
38H/W 48 cm 37-39 cm
39S 44 cm 34-36 cm
39S/W 44 cm 38-40 cm
39R 46 cm 34-36 cm
39R/W 46 cm 38-40 cm
39H/S 49 cm 32-34 cm
39H 49 cm 34-36 cm
39H/W 49 cm 38-40 cm
40S 44 cm 35-37 cm
40S/W 44 cm 39-41 cm
40R 46 cm 35-37 cm
40R/W 46 cm 39-41 cm
40H/S 49 cm 33-35 cm
40H 50 cm 35-37 cm
40H/W 50 cm 39-41 cm
41R 46 cm 36-38 cm
41R/W 46 cm 40-42 cm
41H/S 49 cm 34-36 cm
41H 50 cm 36-38 cm
42R/W 47 cm 41-43 cm
42H/S 50 cm 35-37 cm
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The LEGACY VENADO provides the ideal combination of classic look, comfort and quality. The rubber sole, midsole with integrated polyamide joint support and EVA cushioning provide ultimate grip, flexibility and durability, while you will feel like the boot has been perfectly broken in from the start. World-class performance in a classic look and relaxed comfort. That's exactly what our LEGACY series with heel cushioning and ORTHOLITE® Triple Density Footbed gives you. Enjoy all-day comfort without sacrificing classic looks, durability, and secure footing.


  • Ultima RS® sole technology for comfort & stability
  • OrthoLite® Triple Density Footbed
  • Italian full grain cow leather
  • Leather lining
  • Elastic polo lacing in the front
  • High dressage bow
  • Classic Kareeleist
  • Slim fit
  • Midsole with polyamide articulated support
  • EVA heel cushioning
  • YKK® Back Zipper
  • Individual width adjustment of up to 7 CM (per size)

Technical description:

Size: 37 - 42 Regular - See size chart for shaft width.

Usage instructions:

Guide to determining the correct size:
Please sit straight (barefoot) on a chair, your knee at a 90° angle. Please put on breeches and riding socks, which you would normally wear for riding. Ideally have someone else measure you.

Now you will be measured:
1. Measure the distance: You measure the calf at the widest part of your stronger calf. The size in the size chart should be at least one centimetre narrower, as leather stretches a little when in use.
2. measure height: Measure the length (barefoot) from the heel to the hollow of the knee. Then add approx. 2 cm to the measured length, as the upper will settle a few centimetres during use.

Example: You measure e.g. a calf width at the widest point of 35 cm and a calf height of 46 cm. You choose the following size:
Width 35 - 1 = 34 cm.
Height 46 + 2 = 48 cm.
The correct size in the size chart is therefore 34/48.

TIP: The shaft must fit tight and be slightly longer in height. The leather gives way in the width at least 1 cm, in the height the upper will also sink a few centimetres. We therefore recommend using a boot wedge for the first few weeks.

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